Travel Channel will follow Bamako By Vespa!

We just got some fantastic news! Andrew G Szabo, the organizer and founder of the Budapest to Bamako rally, just informed us that they will be making a TV production for the Travel Channel. He goes on to say that he has been taken in by our planned adventure since day one, and that they would like to spend “considerable attention to our story”.

Travel Channel

Travel Channel will follow us - miilions of viewers across the planet

One thing is getting attention from a colleague at the office who thinks what we are doing is whacked. But, it is a total different matter when people like Andrew are taken in by what we are about to do – it is an honor. And, it is also a confirmation to us that what we are doing is a bit unusual and that it really is inspiring to other people.

Andrew goes on to ask us if we have a support vehicle or a car that will drive with us that they can put a camera woman in. As we will be doing this trip unsupported we are our own support vehicles with no room for passengers. (We will be carrying more than 200 kilos of essentials gear: 60 liters of spare fuel, 20 liters of oil, half a scooter in spares, enough medical equipment to start a small clinic, lots of tools, and one change of clothing). Also, who in their right mind would want to trail our slow scooters in a car that would get them where they are going twice as fast?

We contacted Jorge Gaspar in “The Master Explorer Team”, who we knew had room for a passenger, who has a big heart, and who drives a vehicle so slow that he probably wouldn’t mind trailing us. It was no surprise to us when he told us that he would be happy to trail us with a camera woman in his truck.

Master Explorer Team

Renault Master B70 - "Master Explorer Team"

This trip was never about making headlines or getting a lot of attention, but having fun. Still, it pleases us when we are able to inspire others, and be able to share our adventure with those that are interested. Also, all those supporters and sponsors that have helped us, they deserve this. So, to all our fans, supporters and sponsors, if everything goes to plan, you can look forward to being able to take part in our adventure from the comfort of your sofa.

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