Packed and ready to go… allmost

Scooters are now packed and just about ready to go. Friday morning they will be put in the back of a truck and shipped to Spain, so we are now working on overdrive to get the remaining bits ready. There are still a few bits and bobs that we need to scavenge, but we are just about there. Somehow we have managed to fit it all into the very limited space we have.

Packed and ready

Packed and ready (nice mudflap Magnus, every adventure Vespa should have a bever like that to complement its femine curves. Some like them hairy, some like them...)

Tool kit

Tool kit

At the time of writing we have counted 2364 items, big and small (riding gear, parts, consumables, fuel, oil, camping gear, medical equipment, tools, toiletries, clothing, racks, panniers… everything!). Still, there are a few more bits to be counted, and a few that we won’t even bother counting (like general fasteners, etc). There are also still a few items that remains to be weighed, though most already have. At the time of writing, the added load comes in at over 211 kg, and we are still weighing!!!

This is added weight is considerable, and will massively affect handling, performance, fuel consumption, and durability of our scooters. We estimate that in the end, each scooter will be carrying more than 75kg in addition to the rider. It’s like having a passenger from hell that refuses to lean into bends or get off when we tip over or get stuck in sand. Even getting the scooter on and off its center stand is proving difficult already, and we have not even loaded the 20 Liters of spare fuel, and the six or seven liters of oil each scooter is to carry!

So, how much of this will we need? As for spares, tools and medical equipment, hopefully nothing. We don’t expect to consume more than a few tires, hoses, spark plugs and a few cables… and maybe a couple of vital parts. The only problem is that there are so many vital parts that can fail, and we just don’t know which are the ones to go bust. So, we need to bring just about every vital part that there is a small inkling of probability that can break. As for the rest, well there is not much – only one change of clothing for instance (hopefully we will be able to wash them frequently en-route)…


All of our parts packed low to improve handling

In due time, we will clean up our packing list and publish it here on Bamako By Vespa. There is considerable research and thought that goes into making a list like this, and the list may be useful to other scooterists that plan to make similar trips in the future.

Camping gear

Camping equipment consumes lots of space


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