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They made it!!!

I finally got news from the guys, a mail saying “We are there – we made it”! Congrats, guys! 5000 kilometres of hard driving now lies behind you. As the first participants in the Budapest-Bamako rally EVER, you did it on vespas!!!

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The finish line is approaching…

OMG, only 57 kilometres to go before Joachim, Adrien and Magnus reach Bissau, the final destination of their adventourous vespa rally!!! It has been more than two weeks of hard core vespateering since they left the shores of Spain. I … Continue reading

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One more day to go!

The heat is on as the great Budapest – Bamako rally is coming to an end. Sizzling 45 degrees celsius in southern Senegal today, a sweaty sms from Magnus informed me. “The jungle is on fire, and we are driving … Continue reading

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System shock!

(Posted on behalf of Joachim:) We decided to ride like our lives depended on securing ourselves some TLC. For once we beat the pack and secured ourselves a much needed hotel room, and in the finest hotel on our route … Continue reading

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Mbacké – Tambacounda

Today´s driving – appearantly – was a hot-hot-hot experience! 40 degrees celcius from Mbacké to Tambacounda, Senegal. According to Magnus, Senegal is a great country: “Everybody smiles and and happy and agreeable. Positive engery here!” Mbacké was filled with donkeys, … Continue reading

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Kissing the tarmac (ouch!)

Today´s vespa adventures on the coast of Senegal got a bit more adventurous than our vespateers had hoped for: “Front tyre blowout at high speed. Adrien kissed the tarmac sliding down the road dodging cars for 50 metres. Kevlar did … Continue reading

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Camels and bordercrossing

“I think we´ll reach as far as St Louis, Senegal today,” Magnus said optimistically earlier today, around 3 p.m. At that point, the three vespateers had just reached the Mauritanian-Senegalese border at Rosso. 5 hours later, the guys are still … Continue reading

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Nouakchott, Mauritania

Today, the guys arrived in the Mauritanian capital, Nouakchott. “A hole”, said a tired Magnus on the phone upon arrival. They had had a really weary day, driving along the coast through wet sand as the high tide came in. … Continue reading

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Beach camp in Mauritania

Today all the Bamako-teams, including our three brave vespateers, are cruising under the sorching sun in Mauritania, a former French colony. Mauritania has one of the lowest GDP rates in Africa, despite being rich in natural resources. The country is … Continue reading

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Sand in the machinery – updated

Here is a pic from yesterday´s adventures in Western Sahara. A lot of sand on the engine compromised the mechanics of the vespas, but eventually, the guys made it into a small hotel in the middle of nowhere. There, they … Continue reading

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