The aid work

Budapest to Bamako Rally is the world’s largest aid rally. hundreds of thousands of Euros are raised every year, and contenders in collaboration with the organiser, carries out much of the work together. All costly middle men are cut out, and the money is guaranteed to end up where they ar of most use. There are many projects which are ti be financed, you can read more about this at  Budapest to Bamako.

Our Promise:

Budapest-Bamako-rallyet is as told, an aid rally. The idea has always been to give something back to the places that the rally pass through. Like the other teams, we will do our bit as well.

The organisers official project is at the time of writingD, a long ways from being announced. In order to ensure that we are able to raise as much money as possible, in the little time frame that we have, we have found our own little project to support. By reccomendation from previous B2B contenders, like Copernica Adventures, we will support the Mali Health Organizing Project.

MHOP works with organising health clinics, educating slums and villages north of Bamako. 1 in five infants die before the age of five and 81% of adults are illiterate.

Action for Health:

This project supports the operations of the newly built clinic in Sikoro-Sourakabougou (Community Health Center of Sikoro-Sourakabougou). It was built in collaboration with the government, and is run by the local community itself through a locally elected board.

MHOP educates local health professionals so that the villages can run this clinic on their own.

The clinic provides free treatment of the most common causes of death for children under five years old (diorehea, mal nutrition, malaria, measels) as well as more acute emergencies.

In order to prevent that the poor don’t utilise the services due to lack of money, they offer a pwork contribution programme- All adults take part three days a year as a payment for using the clinic.

Radio “Building Beautiful Communities” (Sigida Joli)

81% of all adults in Mali cannot read or write, but allmost all (98%) has access to radio. This is probably the most important channel from which to reach slums and poor villages. IIt is an important contributor for educating, giving the poor a voice, and aid the democracation of Mali. This program is sendt on the most important radio channel in Bamako, Radio Djekafo.

As a mini democratisation project, this program has proven important in informing, educating and facilitating debate between the slum dwellers and local government. At the same time, in each program, they raise important problems, discuss solutions and how individuals can contribute to help improve conditions in the slums.

More information regarding MHOP and their various projects can be found on their web site. The money we raise goes directly to MHOP to finance the two projects above.

We promise that 100% of all donations without recontributions will go directly to MHOP (i.e. donations via PayPal or money transfers to our account), and that at least 50% of all sponsorship money or income from the sale of Bamako By Vespa artifacts, will go directly to the MHOP and/or therally  organisers’ projects in Africa. We also promise that 100% of any surplus funds that we might raise, will go directly to these projects. This includes sales of t-shirts, sponsorships, income from the coming home party, etc.

If you prefer that all of your donations, or profits from sale of Bamako By Vespa items, shall go to either the Bamako By Vespa team, or the MHOP, please specify this by e-mail when you transfer money. If not, wsplit the revenue as explained above.

Examples of how far a little money goes:
10$ gives 20 women medical treatment
100$ gives two women financial independence through micro loans
200$ gives 89 women health training literature
500$ finances a theater based educationall and informationcampaign for 2000 people
5.000$ finances a years worth of air time on the most importan radio channel in Mali to give the poor a voice

If you wish to become a sponsor, please visit Become Sponsor

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